I had thought I wanted some time away from mixing or writing or recording and I have been making an effort to stay away from the keyboard.

I saw the sea for the first time in ages, rolling away from me around the blue marble. The perspective was like the dropping of a tongue into a throat. How flat earthers can't see curvature is beyond me...

Thus I draw the conclusion it's time for a change of scene, and yet...

4 guide tracks later.

I know I have referenced Prince a few times in the blog, and that's mostly due to his vast storehouse of unreleased stuff.

As we're in this 21st century format, and with the aid of the Basilisk, we can do stuff at a rate that would please even the keenest releasers.

Based on historical trends it takes us around 9 months to a year to finish an album. I see no reason to expect different, didnt think we'd be ready to move quite so soon but then again...maybe this is just the new way. A few songs every few months or so.

No rush, no hurry, just doing what we love, when given the chance.

One way to treasure the present is to make use of it, even when that's letting time pass by.

The BOB project is basically now underway, I'll start outting stuff out soon. But oh yeah, imma definitely go see some sea.