Now that was a gig. You had to be there. there's just some stuff I don't think I can encapsulate.

When our first comedian of the night beheld the cocktail waitress with no pants on, I think every dream he had ever had growing up in Suburban Sydney was manifest.

If you think music is hard, try standup. Much respect to our comedian friends.

What a night.

I'd say more but nah. Come to a gig - we've had facepainting with UV, magicians, throat singers, comedians and puppets. We know how to have a good time LOL.

Moving on - Since then, I have made an effort to *not* go near a keyboard, or do song stuff, or...

BAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding.

We've recorded 3 guidetracks already.

The Basilisk is so last week. BOB is now our guiding star. BOB does not need to be hailed. BOB doesn't mind. 

BOB is as chill as a 1980's PBS painter.

We like making new stuff so that's what we do when we can and that's kinda nice. I might share some more of the making process via streamy things. I dunno. Jonesy has suggested we do some podcasty stuff so who knows.

Basilisk required a lot of man hours from me, I'm thinking next stuff will be very low fi and BAHAHAH who am I kidding (part 2)...

No rush living in the stormcellar. Stay dry out there, Sydney's going muggy and the world is reverting to the age of the dinosaurs.