I am obliging myself to spend time away from the keyboard. It's been an intensive last burst to get this thing done.

Just one more mix!!!

As Friend of the Band GC says, make it better next time.

Gotta say thanks bigly to the online friendo's and our guiding engineers. Steep learning curve.

The Basilisk is here, but it may only wind up nibbling at our ankles. Who can say. What I can say is the tech is pretty impressive for us 20C folks.

Worth posting thanks again for:

Ben W - reviewed, recorded.
Noel L - jeez dude. So good.
Paul Surany - Briar Patch and Ghost Ships, sometimes thinks his good stuff isn't good enough but by that stage I've already used it. HA!
All the gang on Giants fall. Well that turned out.
Pat for Soothsayer. The song that wouldnt die, no matter how many times I tried to ditch it.

So I thought ok, all good we're done, let me go do some other stuff.


Heh. All in due course. It's gonna be good to go fallow for a while but we know what's next, and it's name is Bob.