It's been a weird time of late yeah? is it always a weird time? If we're not on fire we're bombing one another or yelling or getting upset about Stuff that we seem to create as a society.

We really are a cup of tea and sandwich away from just working it out as a species. Maybe the imminent arrival of our Alien social workers will aid us. Yeah heck yeah. Let's not sort it out, let's wait for Little Green Men to fix everything cos that's even more rational than what we're doing now.

Sadly even in parody that seems right.

Nonetheless, onwards to the stuff which is...other stuff. Sometimes it's good to take a break from all that whirling stuff out there right?

First big ups to Los Melchains. Friend of the band and fellow song enthusiast Terry changed the name from Space Engineer to Melodic Chainsaws and does not approve of my diminuitive. But I approve wholeheartedly of their songs.

Secondly...I finally got Giants Fall sorted. Yay! Felt Like I was waiting months. Which I was. Cos paaaaatient is the Basilisk.

That means I am in final run down towards completion of this one. Yaaaaaay!!!  You dear reader, may recall that I set a deadline for parts in September which everyone happily ignored, while I confounded myself on two songs that were not ripe.

I made a point this time around of not chasing anyone, letting things instead fall into place. Well thank heavens they finally did.

I'm now in final mixing on one of the last songs, awaiting parts for one more which are imminently inbound - Theo didnt get flute but he gets Sax tho...

From there it's into final polishing and because I am doing the mastering the turn around time between completion and release is telescoped.

Of course there's still art and such to come but hey. Music's cooking right?

Stay safe out there, it's weird. Happy Seasonal Stuff.