Ah f--k. DC died.



I wrote this on FB.


One of the truly great elements of being a muso, and knowing other muso's, is how they come together when things are tough, or sad, or to mourn a loss and to celebrate what we have had together.

There's a certain cameraderie that comes in all forms of human endeavour, in the synchronisation of effort, in watching the magnificence of what we can achieve together.
For us, that includes the people come come to offer their energy and enthusiasm to what we do. We will never play better than when we play for you.
We celebrate DC and our other friends who have gone to the Great Gig In the Sky.
It makes it meaningful each time we do it, to know that there simply are a finite number of days where you get to say, today I will play.
Godspeed DC Bellamy.
That's two of the participants in Kansas City Gold gone, first Millage and now DC. It was good to reconnect with some old mates, a reminder that we have never taken this for granted. Our time in KC was filled with Adventures For Later Autobiography, but I wouldn't swap the experiences for the world.

I remember DC giving me the side-eye when we had to change into stage clothes in the disabled toilet at a gig in Newcastle, as it was beneath his dignity. I remember returning the side-eye in KC when we were getting changed, once again, in a bathroom.

DC had a heck of a life, beyond the measure of all but the small number of fortunate few. Although maybe not as well known as he deserved, nor as well known as he believed befitting to his talent, DC was an authentic R&B musician, writer, singer and bandleader.

We send our condolences to his family.