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No flute, Theo. 

So if I havent finished writing the lyrics for these two songs, it's either finish or let go or some combo. or wait. AAAAAHHH!!!

I mean it's not as if I haven't got pages worth. It's just they weren't the right bowl of porridge.

I'm tryna get it done before the bears eat me. But of course, there are only imaginary bears.


Meanwhile, there are still elements of tracking still to come. Replacement vox (pitchy), replacemement guitar (untuned string nuisance), repalcement vox (improved lyrics...improved LOL).

2 Sax parts. Maybe 3? Paul doesnt want 3.

Now Theo wants flute. NO FLUTE.

I am waiting on the ghost ships from Briar Patch. the fixes from mick and I have just about mixed this thing as much as I can.

We have not spent as much time doing weird stuff to an album as this one, and that includes Signposts.

Patience grasshopper, paaaatience.

So kick back cos this thing is taking its time again LOL.