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Well at least one of us is on schedule. Final tracking for percussion this week.

The slowdown gave me a chance exactly where I was at last week, except for more mixing.

I am really not sure which of these songs that are still in question will make it. After using the new mastering software, I found that a flaw in one guitar part was making me cray cray so now that song is off to the repair bay.

I've pretty much gone from 'great we're just about done here' to 'omg when are we going to be done here' to 'do we really need to be done here?' - just one more mix...maybe 2...or 3...

Ok it's not quite that bad. Ok close but not really. Ok, well really but not...

Victory is where ever we define it, it stops as soon as it feels right. Not long now. Maybe.

Are we there yet?