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Much as I suspected, someone's been messing with the schedule. Oh. It's me. oopz.

So for this project we've been doing what is called 'top down mixing' and I opted to log in this week and get ready to start making final tweaks.

Theo's booked in for some percussion, I am still failing away at these two songs, it's all sort of coming together.

Let's login and turn the machine on. Oh? You need to update before you will let me hear the mix with the existing filters? Ok, not happy but...

OH. Updating the filters blew away the presets?

Not happy Jan.


Oh? I can export the presets? Great!

Oh. I have to do it before updating.

Which I would have known.

If I had read the documentation.

BAHAHAHA who are we kidding. Documentation?

Basilisk has been all about embracing the tech, bring it on. Updates? New filters? heck yeah let's do this thing.

Upshot is...I reset the mastering filters...and...

Now I am re-eq-ing everything, which is frankly what I deserved for such temerity. The new filters are even more basilisky than the last lot, this seems totally appropriate and I have kinda lost control over the end process a little. It's gone firehose. This is great. ALL HAIL THE BASILISK.

I can't finish until Theo has done his bits, so we're now +2 weeks from scheduled completion of tracking. Of course, when you consider that the schedule is more a 'guideline' due to...(gestures broadly)'ll be done when it's done. What useful pushing I can do I have done, now it has to do its own thing. Oh yeah except for me 'improving' it with more tears of the basilisk.