Had a session booked with Ben to put down the last Vox and do some fixes. I pushed for a conclusion date, worked towards it aaaand...I pushed the date back 'cos I am not ready. BAH!

Simple problem is I am not happy with the approach I have taken on two songs. Mixing? great. into it. Content? ARGH!!

Not the first time something has emerged a little wonky. Comes with the territory. Gotta be prepared to suck if ya wanna rock and the art is to know the difference. So? Last few attempts I made...sucked. SUUUUCKED.

Nobody's fault but miiiine. Sing it Willie!

Putting aside some reasonable 'I can do better' we're sooo clooose.

1 A little too much - some guitar from Briar Patch (Paul S) and mixing
2. Better days - done - tried fixing elements Mr Wizard (Fire Truck LOL) pointed to, wound up making it worse, stopped.
3. Head in the clouds - good to go. Happy with this one.
4. Get next to you - some more organ noises, solo from Briar.
5  Something to go by - done. Minor tweak at the end.
6. Wealth By Stealth - Problem child one. Heaps of lyric options (ok great), not a brilliant placement for the vocals but the mix is good, vocal melody and approach? Pfft. Try Again. Gordon Ramsay is not even in this line of work and he's yelling 'IT'S RAW'
7. Song 7 - Love the mix. Spent time on this. Sounds great. Sure would love some lyrics with it. Problem Child 2. I realised my initial approach was...well Mr Wizard raised an eyebrow ok so try again. Meh. So try again. MEH Part 2. ARGH. I love this mix. It needs better than what I have come up with so far - cos I realised I don't necessarily want to sing some stuff over and over, cos a little like 'you're so vain' sometimes singing about stuff is giving it energy and...well...I reckon I can do better.
8. WWNBF - Everyone wants to tweak bits of it, Theo wants to add percussion. It's pretty much good to go save any embellishments, so if they get them done great, if not I'm already ok with it.
9. TOTB - I was hoping to extend this one out a bit but I am satisfied to leave it as it is for now. It's just plain weird.
10. Running Screaming - yeah even weirder. Weird is good. Will this make it to the album? I expect so.
11. Giants Fall - so close. We have one problem with it not sure if I can fix. Does that mean...will it make it? Yes we've done a lot of work but if i...dang it we're close.

While I yet have songs to finish, we can't stop the flowering of other stuff, Replacement Heroes came out very quickly, we're even demoing it tonight.

I wonder whether RH will make it to this album while the other challenging ones keep growing until theyre ready...hmm. Two gigs this weekend, yay, will pay some bills.