The push is on to finish this unit. The deadlines are guidelines and the guidelines are highly variable.

Big ups to the online mixing community who have been out there on the interwebs, offering good counsel.

There's this new thing called Top Down Mixing which is....lots of technical nerdery ...followed by oh? Then OH!

There's a limit to our art - a practical one, and thank heavens for that. We are not making Chinese Democracy here and iffen ya want it remixed, send me bux.

I've been glad to let the limits of the world be as they are. I think we have the next single for the next album after this so...i gotta crack on with it.


16 years of production. Every year. That's something to smile about. We're lucky to be able to do it.
We're not quite there yet for Basilisk but we're close and it's been a hoot!