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Entropy is a factor.

As we work towards the completionof Basilisk, using as many parts of the Basilisk as we can find, we've reached back as far as last century for some equipment...which reverted to Japanese after a few minutes of power in its circuits for the first time in years.


Between lag issues, double hits and our desire to work with what we have to hand, I have a slowly dissolving song or two that refuse to die. I'm happy to give'em a miss but it's a band right? so back to the mines to fix it. If it can be fixed. Can it be fixed? is it worth fixing?

This arbitrary deadline I have set is....arbitrary. But useful. Gotta get it done to get it done, to paraphrase Bill.

Trying again. Listen out for the shrieks and howls when it goes wrong.Aaaaaahhh!!! It's the Basilisk!