Tech has changed us again. This is the first time we have ever done an intermediate master.

I am a bit wary...ok make that extremely wary...of the idea that I am mastering. Mixing was one thing, but this seems...inadvisable.

AJ is about the only person I'd trust to do both. Maybe Ben. Me? Hmmm....on the other hand, the price is extremyl reasonable and the technology is...remarkable.

I put all the current songs, in their present states, together in one pseudo mastered session. It's a viewpoint we haven't had before. Usually it's mix, hand over, wait, see what you get.

The other thing is that while the songs are unfinished...well a few of them...I am getting to hear the album? (ALBUM??) as a cohesive thing.

Thanks to Ben we did a studio session on Friday which may be the final studio session for this release. Maybe.

I think we've hit 10 or 11 songs, now depending on whether 'Soothesayer' survives, and/or if anything develops before we finish what we have. I am trying to avoid going back to the 'main' studio (ha!) until we're ready with a brand new batch of stuff.


Having embraced Mr Wizards idea of declaring victory with what we have, we may be on a completion glide slope now. Which is nice. As that free's up some brain power to look at the other stuff :)

The tech is influencing what we make and how. It's fascinating.