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  folded from one sheet of paper

finding no trace of your maker

and so without belief in nothing

you test the limits of your suffering

to find again that there’s no distance

The world outside’s the one within you

Telling me to mind my place

and kiss the hem of your brocade

while all the world turns around

with you at centre stage

this time

All the kings and queens bow down before you

to venerate the Portion you control

it’s how we’ll keep yourself from ever looking

down to the furthest recess of your soul

go and break my heart

go and break my heart

go and break my heart       

when the wheel turns around and brings me where you lay

this time

and it cursed the eyes that ever saw you

to frame your sacrifice in black and white

with your hands and knees clasped out before you

did they notice that you lay down like a child to die?       

tell me can you finally hear the silence

that’s the sound it makes when giants fall

to see your innocence undone in violence

when the sacred’s stolen from the world

And it’s only when it happens to you

You get to feel like everybody else

Though I’m trying so hard to accept it

All I want is to forget myself