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Why do we need any more than X songs?

Mr Wizard said let's call it 10 and declare victory.

I love the idea.

Mind you, we reviewed the greenhouse today and found what's in bloom. There's a lot growing but ...well...some of it's just too introverted and chilled for Basilisk. 

Ah yeah the current working title for this album is Basilisk. All hail!

As my filing technqiue is unstoppable, we reviewed the stuff we have been developing for a while and looked for what will round off this collection.

Plus new stuff.

A couple of the things plain havent worked. We're recycling them for parts and burning the evidence.

Which of the things will emerge to take the spot/s? Can we be sure? What rough beast, its hour now come, lurches towards Bethlehem, waiting to be born? ;P

Good effective work today. It's ok to go NOPE when your best ideas kind of fart like a deflating balloon. We're in pursuit of new and better :) Our greenhouse project includes it's fair share of faceplants :)  ouch. Paul S seems to think he can resurrect at least one of them but I think it's just overworked dough. I can't tell if I love it or hate it anymore. Doing the mixed has altered my thinking. It's also possible to be too close and thus miss the good, for the want to do better.

So lets just move the goalposts and say we meant this yay we win! Hmmm...I have a vox session this friday, it's tempting to aim to conclude this grouping with what I can get done by then. Hmm...