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Self awareness is kinda a pain in the...God bless me and my happy delusions, long may they reign.

Meanwhile - thoughts that have popped into Le Noggin:

- my blogging seems to be a mix of 'OMFG this is taking forever' and/or 'oh we got it done'. As the gig schedule has been light recently, well, fair enough.
- I am at the point of now listening to the current tracks as an 'album'

Man this is weird. You get so caught up in the songs you forget what they sound like as a group.

As each album has generally been about a year's worth of making, it's like marking the passage of time.

I'm pretty sure, as with Signposts, I am about to make the same 'oh yeah this is kinda interesting' cos it is. Once again another mutated mutant.

Who'da thunk Synth huh? Hmm...

Status is 9 songs now sort of ready is. 4 released, five at 80% completion and climbing.

I'm having some (understandable) self doubt as I continue the mixing. We have had some pretty good mixing engineers along the way. Hmm...same time though can't beat my price! Ah. Ok well also it has thoroughly mutated what we are doing, as I may have referenced 'pet sounds' in my thinking. Cos I am playing with the buttons it is likely to lead to this.

Big ups to Paul S. (Briar Patch!) cos who knew either of us would be fools for synth. Yeah we've collectively lost our minds before so what's new right? 

Talking to Mr Wizard, we're still not sure what an anymore. I reckon we're 10 minutes of recorded sound away from a release as a group of songs but....I know. It's really hard to grasp that it doersn't matter any more. Ouch.

Also big Ups to our mate T in Space Engineer, whose prolific output of really good bloody songs spurs me on to get our stuff done.

This current album is reall...see I said it again. Album. AAAAAAHHH!!!

This current ...bunch... of songs shares some common elements. We have used all the bits of new tech that suited us, from drum machines, to EQ filters and a virtual Desk emulator, synth strings, harmonica put through a vocoder, all sorts of stuff. 'Signposts' featured 29 guest musicians in total. So far for this one it's probably under 10. So far. By the time we're done it'll climb a bit.

I am now reviewing the Greenhouse to see what will come through to round out the group. That has prompted a little more discussion on how many tracks etc, and what vibes.

Not sure how many of the other tracks we'll do as single...hmmm...

I've still got some time left on Midjourney so maybe even another videoclip or two? Good times my fellow cellar dwellers.

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