Heck of a solid friday. Many thanks to all the cellar dwellers who helped :) I know COVID slowed things down a bit but that was the culmination of...crikey..it's possible that was 7+ years between concept and delivery. wow. 

World kept turning while I was occupado...and thus this week back to mixing. Our thanks to JohnnyG for piano contributions, and to Hariry for Cello.

I am digging the heck out of 'giant's fall' I gotta write lyrics but I am having too good a time listening to the sounds and messing with it in teeeny tiny ways. 

So...round up so far this year.

1. something to go by - out as a single
2. Head in the clouds - ditto
3. we will not be forgotten - single + vid
4. dreams of better days

Yadda yadda singles V Albums, Yadda Yadda how does music even work, blah blah aims of getting two albums out this year. Wibble Wibble.

According to my....SPREADSHEET (I confess I LOVE THEM) we have 5 in mixing. This is like watching the grass grow. It happens when it happens. 

Almost all the cellar dweller t shirts have been despatched, we've had a really quiet almost 2 months between gigs and things are ticking over. It's all as it can be and is and that's plenty fine with me.

Nothing to do but to live and get on with it. that's the plan. Yay.

Oh yeah, here's the thing from friday. It's cute.