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I'm finishg up on a long term project this weekend, with the help of the stormcellar community :) it's nice.

In mixing land, I am waiting on:
1 X bass
1 X cello
2 X guitar
2X lyrics...maybe...3X lyrics
at least 1X percussion.

This is sooo different. Ish. I mean I guess except for everything since covid. Ok maybe this is the new normal. Is this normal?


So far the decision has been release each one as it comes out. which works for me because....technical reasons.

Also though how long have we been talking album shmalbum? 

Anyway. I'm in action on Project X, then after that, it's time to round up the posse and find them stray parts. I reckon we're soooo close. and here's me think we'd get two out this year. Bah humbug.