Stopped to update the development list today, added 2 new seeds.

Noted that this year we have put out:

7 videos

5 Singles.

Now if you consider that 2 of the singles were rebuilds from archival stuff, then that means we've only achieved a rate of 5/7, or .71 tracks per month.

If I recall the heady days of Nuevo Retro and Carl's Chair I think we may have hit a rate of 1.1-1.3 per month.

Contextually, that was when we had more gigs to pay for studio time and other people than me doing the mixing. 

Of course, I am aiming to finish those two other unplugged tracks for release and that'll get us closer to parity and yet...I was hoping to see a little more, cos the greenhouse has so much growing.

Thing is, doing the mixing and the mastering (please take this cup away from me) has really made this batch of songs ...different. In a career of difference it's different again. It's just more different. Not that it's all that surprising.

I did think a lot about Pet Sounds and not inferring any touch of genius that Brian Wilson posessed, I can see exactly why he started doing cool new sounds cos he had BUTTONS. And it turns out, I firkin love buttons. Who knew? And no so much the musical instrument version but the sonic stuff.

I luuuurve the sonic masters. Lanois. Dark side of the moon. Jarre. Air. bad ass tape sounds (in loving memory of John McConnell may he rest in peace). It's not that I reckon I can emulate them or get to where those cats got, cos that's some heavy stuff, but it sure is fun looking. 

We've worked with some gifted mixers. As the man says, 'gotta know your limitations' so I am looking forward to the day where a deluge of cash sends me to Re Mastering. I reckon MidnIght in memphis needs a better mix than I...ah but I digress in the reasonable concern about doing justice to the good work the boys have done. 

On the other ideas and new things and it's been interesting.

With the short term conclusion of WWNBF (they guys are itching to mess with it for the album version...hang on are we doing albums...ok well I know extended at least cos there's another part..did I mention there's another part? I digress #2)...ahem...I am on to mixing the next lot of stuff, including what I think are two very lowbrow pieces, cos we love lowbrow chunka chunka pieces cos theyre fun to play and easy to dance to.

That means putting away all the big smart clever stuff and doing it simply. Eek!.....or does it....

I think we may have settled on an acceptable work flow and release approach for the time being. I'm not sure how this works and I am not sure it matters that I am not sure. Maybe.

In any case, you may have noticed by now my blogging seems to be: working on material, material worked on or silence. Cos I am working on material. Also gigs have been few between cos...the times...stuff?

Anyway. I think we can kick back, chill a bit and see what comes out when it comes out. when we get enough, whammo, it's an..album...thing...playlist...what have you.


So I'd expect a little more quiet, a few more blogs complaining about random crap followed by a few more songs. Good times!