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Have we evolved beyond albums? I had my data put right by someone in the know the other day. It's just that I am not sure that I know what they know, or that they know what they know. Or that any of it makes sense.

The video clip is dead, unless it contains actual Dragons. Albums no longer exist. It's now just playlists. 

There were a few other suggestions but...meh...what do I know. I guess I have always been a song by song kinda person. There are only a few artists who I wanna hear the whole thing through, cos they write a bunch of good songs.

All this review is in light of the fresh produce coming out of the greenhouse. Do I release them one at a time or wait or...does it even matter? (it doesn't).

Oh. Guess I answered my own question. Mind you, i feel better when they are done cos it clears headspace and as long as I am manning the desk, I can only fit so much in the noggin at once. Still, thanks to our alter egos in Skypta Vind, I had a new thing come up which begat another new thing and...Doing this 'right' is kinda an art. When to push, when to let it sit.

Meanwhile, my head is exploding with new info and mixing stuff cos the tech has evolved again and now there are even more buttons I hadn't dreamed of.

I may never use these buttons. They may never suit what is being made. And many buttons. Shiny. With noises. and filters. and stuff. I love stuff. Love it. It's like being thrown into a ball pit.