I bought an inexpensive (on special!) MIDI controller because I need more buttons


Ben approved my mix and master of Dreams of better days so YAY. Considering how much impostor syndrome I was experiencing, whew a relief to get a tick from someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Thus embracing buttons, I have more. If we're gonna hit our target of two releases this year I gotta get a hustle on. Bass is on for next week for 'Head in the clouds' (new one, it's pretty, you'll like it) and inspired by my online mate Tommy, I had a crack at another tune and for the first time, I played Synth!

Meaning i pecked at the keyboard for ages and then moved everything on the timeline with skills I actually possess, like editing ( i also make a fine pepper jelly, to borrow from American Splendour ;) ).

In a moment of Stormcellar Milestone, Mr Wizard listened to the new track and pronounced 'it's....good?' in genuine surprise, as of course, how can it be good until he gets there? ;) I got a head start. BUTTONS!

Had a chat with unofficial band archivist, Nick T, who pointed out we have hit 156 studio tracks. My sheet shows a few more, Nick has had to update his spreadsheet. We got to talking Music etc and it's fair to say that the 20th century is now almost a quarter of a century ago. How music works, how we make it and survive whilst doing so is vastly different. Using the logic of yesteryear doesnt work in an age where 2800 plays on YT = 16 cents...

At the same time, there have never been better tools more easily available to make stuff. 

The rules are dead, long live the rules. Meanwhile, as the world has plenty of time to work out its own stuff, we shall remain dedicated to the practical. Making stuff as best we can, when we can, as well as we can, while we still can ;P

Support us at paypal.me/stormcellarband or come to a gig or buy a T-shirt or...:P Meanwhile, I have stuff to get on with.