Well here we are language training the robots again. Glad to be part of it. (praise robot kind, praise the new masters, blessed be their chippy chip chips).


So...1 song released and 6 more to desk mix stage? Goes slow then it goes fast.

It used to go in organised ways. Now it just goes. I remember first US tour. A schedule. Lists. Itinerary, multiple copies of...

US tour 5? My phone and I borrowed Jonesy's laptop when it all went to pot when Millage cancelled.

During our 'studio' sessions we valued efficiency. Now with Yours Truly in the chair we value chaos and cups of tea.

We just recorded the album in reverse tracking order. Drums last? What the heck?

is it an album? Do we...what....list? EP? A...thing? ITS A THING!!!


I liked it when people who knew what they were doing drove the sonic robots. Now it's me doing it with the help of google. And Izotope. And Plugin Alliance.

Then back to google. Then...

Ben, AJ, Pete, all the mixers from Curious Assembly. All pro's. I feel like I snuck into the temple and started stealing the candles. Maybe chewing them.

On the plus side? the price is right. Heck yeah. Also also? Weird stuff. Stuff we wouldnt spend $ on cos...why? But when it's What Does This Button Do and we survive it, well...maybe...maybe? Or as Paul says, what other toys did you get for christmas.

For this phase of our existence, we're...here...wherever this is. 

I like the way Paul used to call them 'records' cos they were a record of where you are at/were at. When I look at what we've done over the years that is sooo spot on.

WT - Jim + Jims band
SJ - first 'SC' thing, on location at mangrove mountain, recorded by my TAFE teachers and then fixed with Pete
NR - with Jim but the SC band, until the mutiny and disaster with the rhythm section splitting.
HG - Pete, on location, yet more diasaster but genius at the same time
CA - 8 studios? totally bonkers.
EFLH - classy, settling in with Ben by now. 
KCG - utter disaster o/s, a story in its own right, repaired with Ben and Michael L fixing.
D - With AJ. Simply amazing production experience. Gold standard for ease.
SH - Hybrid MJEB artsy fartsy stuff, sorted at Bens.
RS - straight Ben.
SGOM - recorded in clarksdale, completed in AU by MJEB with Ben for the single for fool for you. Another weird combo of very creaky tracking and then clean post.
BODT - literally recorded in the garden a la MJEB and Coggers. Produced by Theo with Ben. All our streaming covid live stuff.

SP - AJ and Ben helping MJEB to get it done.

And now....this...whatever it is...will be called...thing. Plus other things that are following along.

These arent albums they're rings on the tree of our lives over the last 16 years. I like that analogy.


Aaaanyway...we released Signposts in q4 last year and we're on track for anothe release...soonish? maybe? And more stuff I havent got to the desk yet.

Whilst there's no rushing it, I can certainly acknowledge the growth spurt :)

I'm curious to see what happens next.