I am unable to predict which of the song collections will actually turn into a finished product or exactly what they will be called. Sort of.

I mean I have an idea. Ok I probably know. Or sort of.

Remember the good old days when we had 5 mins to cram an album in and everything had better be organised, buster?

Ok well that didnt exactly exist either.

I'm starting to wonder how much of this I just plain make up.

Oh yeah drums due in....10 days? Are these tracks even finished? We dont have enough done done to do a second day. Yet. Sort of.

Unless we get this other stuff done.

I don't know which proposed release I am writing for. I am fairly sure I could be replaced by one of these bots at a very reasonable rate, just say 'crikey' and 'can I have some tea please' and who'd know the difference? (borrowing from some interdimensional mice).

So drums huh?

paypal.me/stormcellarband. yeah send me cash. We need to pay the bots off. They don't work for cheap, they unionised.