So we have a date for recording drums.

That's usually the start not the finish.

This feels pretty weird. I get it though. first time our guide tracks have been to Tempo. Ish.

Otherwise Theo has had to set everything first.

Also, limited live gigging to roadtest tracks.

Thus here we are doing it this way. Ok. What exactly is it we're doing btw?

We've been toying with release types for a while and it's back on the menu.

'Album' (yeah?) vs 'Record (ok yeah makes more sense, like a 'record' of where you are at) and then 'Playlist' cos basically:

The CD is dead. (long live).


Vinyl is for cool kids and we're not that cool. See by definition....Ahem....

Radio is dead. Did I mention that? Not dead dead but a very sick parrot. Pining for the fjords as they say. Overtaken by podcasts and auto linking phones and cars that allow people to travel is a bubble of their own media choices.

Playlists, youtube.


Hi. Welcome to the 21st century, enjoy your stay.

To borrow from upcoming work - superhumans are not coming to save us. let's sing and dance until the robots replace us.

I have a bit of a vibe to release the first 6 songs as a single release. The the next one. Sort of. Why? cos we have the artwork and cos...maybe it doesn't matter anymore? There's no 'do this for this reason' to releasing stuff. Or it there?

Who knows.

Meanwhile, I had a blast making Devils Preacher and now I got a ping on for a few more story songs cos I already paid for the filters and they'd work.

Plenty to crack on with, as best we can. Sponsor the madness here: