Bah. I have a schedule.

Don't let your kids use spreadsheets, it leads to scheduling.

Worse, they could become a ...project manager. Also 'Bah' cos I now have a schedule.

And questions. So....thinking by blog.

1. We're aiming to release the 4 unplugged songs as an EP. Great. This last piece has now taken 3 guitarists 4 months to not finish it. I only need one guitarist for the right 4 minutes. Ok. No worries. Let's let that one sit.

2. We have so much stuff in the greenhouse we now have 5 separate project names for the various flavours. As I have Generative Image Bots, artwork is now AWESOME!!! Here's a sample concept for the EP.

3. We've got sample art for the stuff yet to come:

4. Gigs are few between at present, so we're not getting to roadtest all the tracks quite as much. Bah.
5. I have 6 tracks lined up for they go out as one thing? Does it matter? Does the concept of a 10+ track Album count?

'Moving at the speed of quality' - that's where we are at. What good work can we do and what good work can we do when we let it sit for a bit.

So I'm making a video instead while I wait.