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Managing this rock star lifestyle has two equal and important components, good parking and spreadsheets. These are their stories.

I realised today I need a new spreadsheet to track the development of the current crop of stuff. There's a lot going on, and an increasing amount of it is now being done 'remotely'. Everyone's got a home studio.

There's too much for me to keep in my noggin, thus, spreadsheets. I freaking love spreadsheets. No, really.


As things are, we're not bound to 'albums' or other structures by more than usages, custom and...maybe some degree of logic?

We have a craptonne of songs in progress and (LOL). Spreadsheets.

Do we release an EP, then a 6 track album or do we wait or combine or does it even matter?

I'm up for releasing the 'unplugged' stuff we did as their own EP.

Following that, we could release the first 6 songs from greenhouse phase 1 as an.....err....or...we could wait and finish the batch from phase 2.

Our production process is so bass ackwards - final drums are going on towards the end of production. That's the exact opposite of how we have done everything pre-'signposts'. I get that this is a result of the change in tech, times and money. I also think it's perfect. Each album has been its own trip. they sound different because the circumstances were different at each stage.

I got 'buttons'. I love buttons. I love spreadsheets. OH! Also I got new internet based stuff to play with to make some videos. Good times.