It's an odd place to find ourselves after a release in November. Considering 'Signposts' took...2 years? Maybe? And now...6 months later we're looking at Album Names for a new thing?

This is all so backwards.

The drums are going down at the end. This is too weird.

And so far, no takers on Mutato Potato. I know I am not gonna win that one but I kinda like it.

I am not sure how long finishing this...thing...part 1 of the greenhouse project...will take. Sort of.

We could put out an EP now with the unplugged stuff. That's a solid 'maybe'.

We already have 'something to go by' out as a single.

How long will it take for the first batch from the greenhouse project to mature? I figure it this way. When my brain starts thinking 'album names' that's usually a sign that things are drawing closer.

If I observe my own logic over the years it has been 'project name' and then a bunch of songs and then an album name.

There's no rush. It's more enthusiasm to get new stuff out into the set and cos I'm looking for something beyond what we know. Fair question is whether we have the capacity to manage a high workload at a quality level we are happy with. Good question indeed....but I kinda wanna find out :)

Technology is on our side. We have continued to mutate - it leads me to think of the beach boys and Pet Sounds. How bands evolve their stuff over time.

Because we can embrace the changes that have happened in the music world we get to have the fun that is possible now. Gold toilet seats on our private jet? Not so much. Getting on with it because we can? Hmmm.

And remember our motto, mutate early and often!