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A shout out to Paul S for lending a hand in the greenhouse. Things are growing at a fast pace. More buttons, more filters, more stuff.
We're so busy mutating that we have to let it settle before Theo does drums. This is very different to our previous methods of producing an album.

There are different challenges in this environment, dealing with so much material. We're solely limited by our ability to master the practical. Each thing must take the time it takes, and there are so many things.

I have set a totally bonkers target of 2 albums this year. Yeah you heard me. Send help! (send cash we still gotta pay for mastering LOL)...

Ok, so hear me out. I'm already sitting at Album 1 worth of material at the 70% complete mark.

We have 4 tracks out already from the green house - The Duke, 2 X unplugged+ 'Something to go by'

I still think we take all the depressing stuff and put it on 1 ep. Ok great. That leaves 'Something to go by' as first released track for...ummm ....whatever the next album is called.

There are 26 tracks in the greenhouse now, with around 11 of them bearing fruit. The rest are still growing.

They're also mutating. That's what I am after.

I am hoping to use up all the ideas we have until we run out and have to come up with something that's truly new for us. To continue to the metaphor, there are another dozen songs in concept or 'seed' stage. I want them out of the way too so I can find what's beyond what we know.

There's an old saying, 'you have to have a talent for having talent' and that leads me to consider 'you have to manage the practicalities of doing this much work to the standard that you prefer' and that takes some brainpower and elbow grease. Brain grease?

I guess I am also explaining my slow down in blogging. It's cos I am in The Cooler, mixing and listening. One day I expect we'll be back in a studio with someone else manning the desk. Today is not that day.

That's why I share'em on video sometimes before we officially release. We're doing what we dig, where we are at, the stuff we like hearing. 99 pictures of haystacks until you find the right one.