No gigs in march so we have time to work on the greenhouse project.

2 hours of testing a sound to see if we could hit a Univibe sound. Hmmm.....

Meanwhile we're close to the Drum sessions. We have enough tracks to start when we feel like it.

The freedom to do as much as you feel like doing and the responsibility for managing the practical aspects of it are the balancing aspects.

I woke up humming one of the new ones today. A good sign. I still have a lot of lyric and melody to write cos it's easier to put the parts down than it is to find a 3 letter word to fit a space :) ok I exaggerate. Embellish. Thesaurus?

I have a bonkers goal for output this year. I will be curious to see how far we get. Meanwhile, if it's quiet here it's cos we're in the stormcellar, banging things into other things to make pretty patterns.