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Mr Wizard said we've been doing this for 16 years and I went naaah. Do the math, we started recording 'Whiskey Talkin' in 2007 that's....that','s see 2017 would have been 10 years, so...OH NO.

This whole COVID thing sure did compress 3 years there. Coulda sworn it was only 12...How fortunate we have been to get to do this as long as we have. Wow.

And we're still at it. The greenhouse project is running at 26 possible tracks. How many will actually survive the process is yet to be determined. It's good to be working, it's good to be playing shows. 16 years huh? wow.

That means 15 years of this blog. Heh. Oh well can't sit here typing, I'm still mixing. One day we might wind up back in a studio for 100% of the production process. Not today. Best part is that we can start bringing new songs into the set. Huzzah!