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My blogging has slowed down for the last while because I am mixing. Long gone are the days when I would swan around at the back of the studio, having peeled grapes handed to me by the Sisters of Expense Account Lunches.

No, in these days of musical Austerity, I am in the salt mines of the digital audio workspace, clicking buttons until I need an icepack. Actually I changed my workspace angle to reduce that but still...

Greenhouse project is moving. I wrote up a discography the other day that discussed how each of the processes that led to an album, shaped it, but it was too spicy. Maybe later.

Meanwhile I have 10 tracks on the editing bench adding vocals. Which I am still writing. Plus what's still growing. We're taking advantage of the new world order of how you make music. Means less musing and more work.

This is the first time I have been written 'across' songs, rather than in a semi consecutive fashion. This is a new way or working, adding a little to each one as I go.

We're aiming to keep this collection low key, I guess in reaction to the depth and detail of 'Signposts'.

Without being able to formulate a Due By date, I can certainly say there's progress and this is another first, in an ongoing series of firsts, in how we make stuff.

Did you know that 'Defiance' was the only album we ever made where everything went easily in the production process? Yeah the discography brought home to me how often things have gone wrong and that our reaction has been to create stuff anyway, as best we can. I kinda wanna tell you more about this stuff but nah...I have guides to listen to an adjust. More to come when the opportunity presents itself.