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Remember that whole backlog thing I mentioned? Yeah well.

Theo went through the greenhouse and picked out 10 items ready for drum tracks.

The whole self recording/mixing thing sort of works like this - Theo's better off in the studio with Ben, delivering him drum sticks on a velvet pillow than in the backyard here with a brolly over his head while the lawn mowers whizz by.

Meanwhile, for the Plebs, it's an SM58 and a line in. Mind you, free coffee and I can wear comfy pants.

Taking advantage of modern tech would make Prince totally stoked. The speed with which you can get stuff out is just amazing.

Besides which, we have to keep up with our mate Space Engineer!

We just released Signposts in Nov, singles already, plus I am aiming to put all that unplugged stuff on an EP cos even tho it's pretty it's also...pretty bloody depressing subject matter and I am feeling much more cheerful.

So...that means there are 10 candidates to be fertilised with Percussion. That means we are realistically looking at another album....sooner or later :P

Good times, good times.