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Subject to advice from our director of marketing, we present the E-Z way to achieve top billing for your next gig!

actual pole poster

1. Take picture of your Street Pole poster for your next gig where you are opening for really cool bands. (20th April 2008 at the Bald Faced Stag in Leichhardt)
2. Open in your choice of editing program

pole closeup

3. Move the better known, talented acts around a bit - hey, they dont read your website anyway!
4. Put a bit of colour over other bits you dont want

not real poster 


5. Hey presto, you are teh rocktsar!  NO ONE WILL EVER GUESS YOUR SECRET!
Next Weeks instalment: How to Improve your Reviews with a Word Processor

Seriously though folks, we are playing at the Bald Faced Stag with the Sydney Blues Allstars and Robert Susz on the 20th of April (that's this coming Sunday) and yes, they all rock pretty hard. They're also going to kill me when they read this. Heh.