I got a bug to remix Liquidator. I've been live streaming some of my mixing sessions for the last while, Mac and X seem to get a kick out of it.

My mate Vertical wandered past and said it's a bit Bob Ross. It's kinda boring in some ways cos some of the mixing stuff is straight up work work but I get it.

Next crop of 4 songs are starting to bloom. When I'm done here imma sit and work on The Yearning.

Quiet month otherwise, but plenty to do if one is so inclined.

I'm keen to make a video for liquidator :) Might wind up using the image generator tho and doing it shotlist fashion cos it's a way of getting visuals done without all the expense of a film crew. One day. LOL.

I'm sharing all the development work on Patreon cos it's easier to manage access, also you can support us that way.


I got the all clear on releasing the Instrumental Collection so that's on for this month as well.

Forecast is probably a single or two, we'll see. Development work on Patreon, updates here ;P