As I am doing the mixing/mastering it's important to get other input.

Theo's given it a tick for levels, order and song choices.

I'll send it out for further review from the other chaps, let a few days pass and then it's ok for release.


So far we've released compilations of country/rock/blues so if I counted the compilations as albums we'd be now around 18 released albums...but two of those were ep's sooo....

I've been wanting to get this done for some time so it's a nice sense of satisfaction to see it completed.

As I share the mixes etc, I am glad to get your feedback as well :)

Meanwhile, we're reviewing the approach Javier took with Psych. Surf. and onto new stuff.

We have a few weeks of low gigging which is good also cos now the other chaps have got this rotten cold that's going around sydney.