It's a weird process this one. I'm so used to the 'we've only got 4 days in the studio get on with it' way we made the stuff so far and now this...laid back...sort comes when it comes deal.

Oh yeah and happy Birthday to Danny Cox!

Right. So yeah. Another three tracks are getting towards completion. Plus some new guide tracks courtesy of an evening with Coggers. Oh and a thanks to Pat Powell for some backin vox on another unfinished one.

By my reckoning, we're about to see another burst which will bring us to....ummmm...2/3 of an album? Does it matter? Is anyone still listening in that manner?

Mr Wizard suggested 'Records' are a better way to describe this stuff, as it's a record of where you were at musically. That makes sense.

Ok so I can report, as we have no destination and no schedule we're right on time and target! WOOHOO!

Right, back to mixing.