T shirts came, in, now gone out mostly. Yay.

Opted to re-record vox on a Proper Mic at Ben's place 'cos'. Was worth it.

Big diaphragm mic. I have one so I coulda but I didn't, so I did. But there. No fan noise from my PC, etc etc. Ok.

Also this mixing thing is doing my head in. In a good way sort of. Ish. The technology is amazing but flying on your own is scary. Each album is its own trip so yeah ok, great, we can consider this another in a long line of experiments but really? I reckon we'll get away with it as when I reach the limits of my knowledge other people may confuse it with intent, thus I can go yeaaahhhh i meant to do that. thing. Whatever it was.

Sooo....self aware moment in seeing how the way you make the album influences it and...this is still kinda cool cos we're getting stuff we wouldn't have tried otherwise. Why? cos we
're cheap, I mean, frugal. I mean, inexpensive. Ok so we're like the Coupon version of a mixing band. Aldi mixing so to speak. And now? No Frills Mastering.

Do I know what I am doing? Nope. not really. Sort of. Well I googled it. 

Will I get away with it? Well. I have sinned before. So far so good. I mean it is a legit new tech thing and that's been our bag a while so...ok I guess? I mean, I have got a lot of buttons running at present. 

Back to the what-is-an-album...thing...eek. I have one track ready to release. Or is it? Did the mastering thing work? Can anyone tell? Can I tell? Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.................(small explosion of brain).

I am at the point of not being able to work out whether I am making it better or need to stop and maybe thats when you are done. I think I'm going to be happy when wiser hands are doing this part of the job, it's just...BUTTONS. The guys might be fools for guitar pedals but I may have found my kryptonite. Extra drop down menus.

I mixed my song so long, done made my shoulder sore, eh Chester?

Back to the salt mines. gig this weekend. Run of t shirts almost sold out, a few left at the gig this sat.