I think Roscoe finally found the WMD's he was sent to look for. They were lurking near my house and waiting to pounce on my sinuses this week. Typical its-hot-weather-so-here's-a-cold type stuff.

Only the power of Chemists Choice purple pills kept me going through the three gigs this week. yikes. Oh, and a bunch of tissues. So if this gig report seems a bit of a blur, thats because it was. I think the other guys should be blogging this one.

1. Merton Estate - 3 sets, no waiting. Roscoe and Tony got up to add harp in Come Back Baby, making it a three harp harmony.

2. Blues triple Threat at the Empire
Miss Bianca had put together a DJ set from Mojo Musics catalogue (www.mojomusic.com.au) that was pretty sweet. Claude Hay has just got back from a US tour and delivered a great set on the Electric Sitar + stomp box. We got the middle set, had a minor drum pedal spring malfunction during Mississippi Meltdown and played ok (again, I was on 2 Chemist Choice Nasal thingies so its all a bit foggy) but I remember tony pedroza's set!

Tony and the hawks grooved the night out for us and then opened it up for some combined jamming, which produced some very good stuff. A highlight for me was Jason
Amys spoken word section with a combined Hawks/'Cellar backing band.

Cheers to Grahame, Adam, Paul C, Aldo, Dave, Ben, Pete, Tony...ok so there were a lot of freinds that came out for the night.

3. Illinois Hotel.

Mark quipped 'where's the chicken wire' after the bar manager described the week he'd had - including the local police command having to call in reinforcements. Nonetheless, we had a bluesy faternoon with no injuries! Alister came along and helped us out for a last blues set and between the coffee, coca cola and Codral, we got through in good order.

Ye gods. I hope one of the other boys will blog with the bits that happened that I cant remember. I'm gonna go lie down.

Until Next Time (achoo!)