Good weekend of playing for us, read on for more details

I've started combining gig reports as doing them individually is curling my hairs.



Avalon Beach - Friday Night

Once again we opened for the mighty Radiators. Cheers to Matt and the gang on sound for some good work.

The Northern beaches crowd like to boogie. They started song one and didnt stop dancing until the end of the night. Mark and Michael are combining extremely well in 'Change your mind' - I dont think I had the musical knowledge or ear to understand the difference a drummer makes until I started playing blues. A good band member makes you sound good. Marks playing underneath the solo in Change Your mind gives it a nice little edge that might not be immediately obvious,but is crucial to giving that right snap. Well done Mark. you know we love you!

Cheers to Doose, Grant and Di and the other folks that are supporting the recording of our second album by helping us pay off our first!

If you're a Radiators fan, you should know that they are still firing on all cylinders and if you havent seen them recently, look them up again. They consistently draw big crowds and put on a hell of a show. 

Lansdowne - Saturday

This was a good day for us - picked Roscoe up from the airport in the morning, he's back from a tour of duty and is in good health - FYI - Roscoe is a mate I met at the Blues Jam at the Empire whilst he was on leave. All I can say is that if he's the kind of guy we are sending into war zones, we're sending in good people - people who aren't trigger happy, who generally give a sh*t about other people. As someone who has never had to 'stand a post' (to quote Jack Nicholson in a few good men) I respect the people who put service to their country ahead of personal security.

Roscoe used to send me music from Iraq, and we took one of his lines from a song and turned it into "Roscoe's Boogie'.

The boys were honored to be able to play it for him last night at the Lansdowne.

Before the gig we found out our video got played on Rage. Between that and friends who came out to share the evening qwith us, it was a great gig. hey Melva, Alan, Joe, Monty and Nell!

I played a 12 bar with Stimulust (the band) at the start of their set..due to some technical problems with their guitarist...(What goes on on stage, stays on stage?) and then we kicked off for a set, followed by the Wollongongs Finest, Big Erle. Simon from Big Erle reckons there's a reason why I like playing the same gigs as those guys but he wont tell me what it is. Maybe I just like their sound?

Anyway, between the three styles, it was another good night of music in the heart of Chippendale. $5 steaks, good crowds,. Oh almost forgot to mention. It started raining the minute we started playing, then stopped the minute we finished. I know its just randomness. At least, thats what my logical brain tells me. Mal reckons we should hire out in the coutnry as rain makers. I dunno.

We've got a big week this week as we try to bring some new songs into the set, plus the Merton on Thursday, the huge lineup at the Triple Threat on Saturday night and then Sunday at the Illinois in Five Dock.

 if you're up for a good vibe, want to shuck those WTF-IS-GOING-ON-IN-THE-WORLD-today blues, there's no greater place of safety than the Stormcellar. Come on down.

And as Roscoe says 'HUUUUUAAHHH!!' 

Until next time