Merton Estate Gig Report!

Back from the Weather Advisory Tour, our first non tour gig at the Merton was a blast...

Howdy Folks. A quick Gig Report from Yours Truly after a great night at the Merton on Saturday night.

Our last gig was at Lake Munmorah (see Tour Blog...) and the boys were itching for a play. I did my marketing type stuff and got a banner, which took me an hour to attach to the awning otuside the pub (thanks Simon and Mandy for your help) and all of about 5 minutes to fall off, once I departed.

Fortunately, Jason A. rescued it from potential legal liability (cheers Jason) and restored it to the side of the pub.

Anyway, in brief, we had a great night. We got the first call and response to Roscoes Boogie, when peter G. started the cadence response. I felt like a proper Drill Instructor!

I have said this a few times, but I'll say it again. Michael Rosenthal freakin rocks. He had a totally on fire night and delivered some truly exceptional guitar bits. Mark Groover also was on fire, when he changed beats during come back baby, it was scary.

Mal got himself some nifty speakers and was running a vintage desk. Our sound is going old school once more - cos thats the gear we own! 

We were joined on the night by Tony on harp, a fellow student of our beloved Sensei, and by the outrageously good Jason Amy on free form rap and rhyme at the end of the night. Jason promised it'd be good and damn it, he was right! Gotta get that guy on video.

The Merton is a locals pub, being just off Victoria Road, but in a kind of funny spot to access from the main street. Despite this, we had passerby see the banner and stop! Hurrah! By the end of the night, once again, everyone was on their feet and dancing and thats basically what we're after.

We're playing this weekend with the Mighty Radiators once more (dont ask me where, Its on the gig list whcih i'll be checking myself shortly) and we're playing around Sydney every saturday this month (november) and have a bunch more gigs lined up for December. Crazy prices like these cant last, get in and see us now before...i dont know...just come on down, we enjoy your company!

Until next Time