Cast, Crew & Credits 

Dude: Rhys

GrrlFriend: Holly

Stormcellar appearing as: stormcellar

Mal as 'Mal'

Paul as 'Paul'

Mark as 'Mark'

Michael as 'Michael'

MJEB as 'MJEB' (also Michael, but not the Other Michael)

Made by: Dion and MJEBl.

Filmed on location in Mal's Bedroom, Mal's Living Room, Mal's Street and Near Mal's House.

Art direction supplied by: Mal

Set Decoration supplied by: Mals Taste In Americana

Hair Supplied by: Random Genetic Factors

Makeup: No one, we look that good naturally.

Vehicles Supplied by: Mal's Good Credit Rating

Props supplied by: Propco - Cheers Jason!

A Stormcellar production - Filmed in Alco-vision - copyright 2008 waterlwwf/stormcellar