Cross post via our FB account.

Sue K. tells me our posts have dropped out of her feed! BOO Facebook!
We don't pay $14-$35 everytime we make a post.
As a result, 'magically' our posts don't appear to come up in peoples feeds as much as they used! Go figure.
Also, as we're not a political campaign or a foreign intelligence service, our traffic may be 'de-prioritised'.
COMRADES! Conspiracy theorists! We must....ah pfftt.
If a tree falls inthe forest, and I dont post about it on FB, the tree and me, still exist. is where I post a lot of stuff. But it tends to be less spur of the moment. Mobile apps for blogging, like FB are useful.
We've found that FB have been slowing/shaping or diminishing our stuff for a while. As we're content providers and our 'making of' content is here, free, we figure we do not need to pay FB while we provide them with an 'entertainment/content' service.
They call it advertising. I call it bait and switch, and some form of attempted return to 20th century media control. Except worse.
We pay to work.
You are our friends, they want to charge me to make sure you see our stuff. Like it's a phone call charge circa 1990. Or a postal fee for a letter.
Stormcellar and Facebook have a fundamental disagreement on our relationship.
We think they're a filing cabinet
They behave as if they're in charge of the world, because, here, they are.
They wish to be called a platform and yet they're not passive.
They are a publisher who demands payment for the ability to communicate.