Video retrospective - #27 Onward Traveler. Today, this is for C in memory of R & for TL, in memory of a good man.



Ever forward
Onward traveler
Fortunes favour
Hold you to her breast
still will you venture
Never ending
Past the circle
As the East into
the west
ancient doorways
star lit causeways
arch the vault
above your head
where you’ll find me
Ever after
Waiting in the hope to hear once more
the sound of your footsteps
on the path
that leads you to my door
Go on seeking
Onward traveler
grace of morning
Bright shall be your guide
Breadth of heavens
Lay before you
Stake your claim
To the purpose you must find
Windlashed shores
and mountains ranging
great deeps
Resound beneath your feet
worlds await you
teemed with wonders
of all the joys and perils you will know
love that I bear for you
will follow you wherever
you may go
Godspeed weary
Onward traveler
May the angels
sing you to your rest
Walked with bravery
Held determined
yet surrendered
to that greater gentleness
Halls of heroes
of myth and legend
Welcome you to
their shining fields
Arms of friends long
Shall take you to a place
upon your throne
and all’s the stuff of stardust
But the knowing
That you’re coming home
You’re coming home