Almost there on sound issues. Overloaded the send, need to pull the bass down. A few things.

USB issues again but that was ok. Got the cameras remapped with enough time.

It's a lot to get right and it's.....AWESOME!!

While working in new songs we've had some mutations and it's just great.  Nobody knows better is now a soul song, Walk into your heart is nice to play acoustic and we even managed to get Pirouette in there.

Well done to Fox, Mr Coggins & Theo that was crazy relaxing. Cheers to Steve(s) and the BLF.

Also big thanks to Marcus for help in arranging stuff today. I'd write more but it's been a long day of making things.

It's good to be moving. More after a recharge. Things are starting to pop pop pop :)


Downtime is back for Ep3 next Thursday (US)/ Friday AM (sydney) plus other things are happening.

Also I really really wanna get off facebook as a platform. Separate issue. 

Also (pt 2) thanks to Ben. 3 hour vocal session? no problems. 

Good times.