As we collectively work out what to do to keep the species alive, it's time to take a pause from gigging.

The first venue to cancel just confirmed our 28th of March show is off.

My assessment is that more will follow.

I would not be too surprised if this lasts a little longer than we have contemplated.

Nothin' to do but put your feet up and chill. 

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Big thanks to Fox for getting ready, bummer to miss the show, we really like playing music live.

to people.

That's (correctly) not gonna happen for a while. In public at least.



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Yessss! good old Science.

For some reason, every now and again, we forget we flew to the moon, knocked over polio (mostly) and do INTERSTELLAR STUFF and instead we start thinking about Flat Earth and Science Denial.

Oh humans.


Plague means No More Gigs for a while?



This is gonna suck, and it's gonna hurt musicians economically.

Venues and Muso's


This has the potential to be a fundamental, societal shift. Bless my cotton socks for the optimism to hope that it leads to something better.

Meanwhile, practicality supersedes philosophy.

Wait, be safe, do the right stuff. Social Isolation does not mean Isolation.

Call someone. Email someone. Stand outside the window and post to placards. No don't do that.

Ok. Here's another tip, use common sense rather than believe every suggestion on the internet.

I'm not gonna be surprised if a whole, some, or all our gigs shut down over the next while.

That's the right thing to do. I'll complain about it after we survive it :-)

I'm not gonna advertise any of our upcoming shows for a little while and I'll post it if they cancel.


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