Woke up this morning to another blanket of smoke over the city.

Everyone's got a cough, it's been affecting everyone.

Just when it looked like it was clearing up, and it was grand to have a few days of clear(er) air, now it's back again.

Mr Wizard called me last night to talk about the outdoor show on Saturday. We have to look at the options AGAIN. Ye gods.

Smoke is starting to become a factor in our planning.

It's not that Sydney hasn't had bushfires before, some have probably even come a little closer to the centre of town than this recent lot, it's the inescapable, cough inducing smog.

It's necessitated a trip to the doctor for at least one band family member.

The sunlight has been orange for weeks, hanging clothes out on the line is inadvisable and everyone's buying Masks for breathing.

Up in the mountains, they did back burning and lost another 20 houses.

Oh yeah and yesterday was Australia's hottest day on record.

Not much to do but to wait it out. Our thoughts remain with the people closer to the front line of the burning and the firey's out there trying to do something about it.

We're waiting to see how the air is for Saturday before we venture outside.

if you're in Sydney, stay safe and indoors if you can.