A Big Talofa from Samoa, the Pacific's Most Rocking Place.

A big shout out to the Three Wise Men of Samoa (Chief, Chief and Prime Minister-of-tomorrow). I

 got two hundred TALA (LOL) riding on the outcome of a future Rugby game (Go All Blacks). Also to Lena and the Girls for their warm hospitality.

I got back into town with the assistance of the Almighty, who sent a priest and a bunch of pilgrims along with me on the flight, to assuage my current fear of flying.

 It seems he's keen on me playing with the boys at the HPH this Sunday.

The main purpose of this post however, was to put up a quick set of pics for my Sensei JC.

 He reccomends sitting under a palm tree when you get stuck on a harp problem and just playing it through until you get it.

Thus, for your amusement pleasure, I present the pictorial evidence of Harps of the South Pacific!

Step 1 - Go to Samoa.

Step 2 - Pick your favourite Palm Tree (this one had coconuts)

Step 3. Sit in Shade of Palm Tree


 Step 4 - Take Harmonica (Hey Hohner, here's a sponsorship spot for ya! Huh? Huh?


Step 5 - Fai fai pea, fai fai pea - Malo MJEB, you is Bluesing the Pasifeka!

Note: I am practising Jerry Portnoy Vibrato Techniques, we bow to our Sensei JC.