Oh dear. I got a postcard from 'Roger'...

We had thought that after his run in with the Guatemalan authorities, we had seen the last of him....until This arrived (marginly NSFW)
* Disclaimer In Next Section


Just who is Roger?  I shudder to think that the man voted 'Most Violent Record Label Executive In The Universe' (by Sputnik Mag in 1953) has located us again.
Well, let's just hope this is the last we hear from him. Paul is on the phone now submitting Roger's details to Homeland Security. We can only hope that he'll be shipped off to Guantanamo bay and held for crimes against the Music Industry.
In fact, Roger had a bit to do with our band's name. After negotiating a contract involving acupuncture points and a hatstand, Paul remarked that he felt like crawling in a nice safe hole and hiding from Roger.
Et Voila, Stormcellar.*
 *Denotes information that may or may not be true. Can be applied to all information contained in this site, with the exception of gig dates, cos we really do want you to come along. otherwise, assume we are talking out of our hat or just plain making it up.