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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Basement Gig Report

Far out. We just played the Basement and I am definitely feeling the love. Not only is it an historic venue, but it's run and maintained by people who know how to show the love. Thankyou Alice, Justine, Amanda, Chris and the rest of the gang.

What a night. What a lineup. Cass Smiles, Naomi Crane, the boys from Crash Symphony, and then Late and Loud, Us.

Now I have to confess that I dont normally listen to...um...how do I phrase this.... Chick stuff. What with being a hard blues act (all rough and tough)...but  Cass and Naomi each put on a great set, so maybe there's hope for me yet. And those Crash Symphony guys? Wow. Great musicianship. Playing two or three instruments a piece (sometimes simultaneously) and nailing it each time. Neato. They were also filming some DVD stuff in there tonight, so the crowd put in a good performance in screaming for them.

We were (as previously mentioned) Late and Loud. Naomi, Cass and Crash were all nice, softer acts, with nice, softer songs. I was concerned that we'd destroy the zen calm they had created (we did), despite our efforts to rein it in...sigh...

I wobbled uncertainly as hell on the first chorus of Refugee, but thanks to Chris lifting my foldback, I was able to hear myself and find the notes by the second bit. Whew. 

We also had a few harp hum and gutar hum/buzz problems (Paul got new pickups and I have amp issues), so we still have some production teething to sort out (yes I know we're picky, but that's ok).

It was definitely guitar heaven tonight, with Paul and Mrose inspired by the venue to step up a notch. Scary. I spent the first five minutes of the night (after loading in) staring at Jim C.'s picture with the Backsliders (anyone who noticed me bowing, its ok. We are obliged to do that in the presence of the Master). Far freaking out. We just played the basement.

We are still messing around with the set order and rotating new songs in to the set, so it changes from gig to gig, but we had a few Zen moments of our own tonight. When you're looking out from the stage at the Audience and then look down to see your feet standing where Giants Have Roamed, it's a trip. Reminded me to be grateful for the opportunity to play music.

Thanks to Robbie for dropping by again (enjoy the CD!) and to the ever-loving Melva and Alan (guys, you've got to stop coming to our shows, you've heard all our songs!!!).

Paul and I will be playing at the Cooks River Motorboat club tomorrow night with Dan Sexton and Donald Deep Jeff's as Kalamazoo, for the steel guitar night. Should be a good rootsy evening.

Stormcellar will be back on the 23rd of May in Maitland with the Rads again (yay!) and some more gigs are on the cards now. I'll be sure to post the details as they arise.