All hail Google, our Leader!

As an O.G (Original Geekster....300bps anyone?) nothing spins the the propeller on my hat as hard as a good Google ranking.

Oh yeah!

As at time of writing (by the time of reading it may have changed, such are the vagaries of the internets) the Stormcellar Band Page is officially What You Want when you Google 'Stormcellar' (one word) and 2nd most likely thing you want when you Google storm cellar (two words).

To all those folks who have wound up on this site cos you're looking for a weather shelter, apologies. However, we make GREAT listening whilst hiding in a stormcellar.

Also big ups to the Stormcellar marketing guys, the Moscow Stormcellar and all the other synonyms, homynyms, antonyms and variants! Tomorrow we might be Down The Bottom of Da Page, but for today, depending on spelling, limited time offer, send money now,  we are Number 1 (or 2) in The Hood G! (line pinched from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, please don't sue!) .


No doubt I will now be struck by lightning. Or a DOS attack. (sigh)