Howdy Folks.

Big weekend of gigs. A shout out to Prune, Hamish and Sambo at the PI. By the end of the night the crazy dancing was happening and yes, once again, the requests for 'Copperhead Road' were present. Must learn that one.

Sunday saw us at the Harp in Tempe for a 4 band line up with Alter Ego and Los Skeletone (whose van rivals Carl's - watch out Carl!). The Cristina Crofts band had to pull out at the last minute due to a Airline Booking Malfunction which was a shame, but none of the bands complained about being able to play a little longer than scheduled.

Hey to Matt, Tony, Penny and the folks who joined us at the Harp for a great afternoon.

Cheers also to DDJ for the loan of some extra equipment bits (commiserations on insane percussionists).

We have (amazingly) a weekend off this coming weekend and then we're off to the country the following weekend (wagga?).